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Antoni Amatller Costa (1851-1910) inherited the family business from his father and uncle before turning twenty-five. He had travelled throughout several European countries, visiting the most outstanding chocolate factories, and with the information that he had gathered, he ordered the construction of a new modern factory, which was inaugurated in 1878 on some plots on Passeig del Cementiri (now Avinguda Icària), at Sant Martí de Provençals. The efficiency of the production chain, along with the quality of the raw materials used caused the competitiveness of the business to excel and the incorporation of an innovative marketing technique, advertising, was key to the commercial success of Chocolate Amatller, S.A. Making good use of his international contacts, the young entrepreneur introduced many products of foreign "propaganda", among them the posters by Alfons Maria Mucha, and he also called upon local artists, such as Apel·les Mestres.


grinder and toaster



poster by Alfons Mucha

cards by Apel·les Mestres

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