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Without underestimating the importance of architectural matters, when considering the remodelling of existing buildings, such as Casa Amatller, the creativity of the architect lies in interior design and decoration, a field in which Puig i Cadafalch excelled due to his great innovative drive. This was recognized by the eminent Australian art historian Robert Hugues who, in his essay Barcelona, the Great Enchantress (National Geographic; Washington, 2004 - p. 23), defines Puig i Cadafalch as "one of the most scholarly and sophisticated designers with whom I have ever worked in Europe”.

Taking advantage of his knowledge as an art historian, he directed and coordinated a special team of some fifty outstanding industrialists, artists and craftsmen who were able to exquisitely interpret the indications and designs of the architect. Together, they created stunning spaces which combine a multitude of forms and materials, with imaginative solutions, often daring, but without compromising the harmony of the whole. Marble pavements with polychrome reliefs, featuring Roman mosaic, hydraulic mosaic or marquetry parquet; wainscots of ceramic, printed velvet or fine wood; walls with stuccos, wallpaper or fabrics; flat wooden coffer-like ceilings, iron beams and polychrome arched bricks, iron beams covered in glazed tiles and ceilings lined with polychrome sgraffities; richly moulded doors; large stained windows; multiple ceiling lights featuring brass structures with stained glass crowns of many colours; an inexhaustible variety of sculpted corbels, imposts and capitals, the latter with columns of all shapes; and countless complementary pieces, many of them cast, such as door handles, door knobs, door knockers, peepholes, taps and so on, all made with high quality materials and flawless execution.

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