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The intervention of Puig i Cadafalch also brought about substantial modifications to the interior of the building. The spaces on the ground floor were reorganised, removing one of the existing shops in order to link the interior section with the main floor requirements and converting the part that looked onto Passeig de Gràcia into the entrance lobby of the building. Here, the architect created a majestic space with Sevillian “arista” ceramic wainscots and lamps with a double lighting system, like the whole house, running on both electricity and gas. Two important columns stand out, upon which the master wall of the interior patio rests, and further back, a large stained glass door which once lead to the garage where Mr Amatller’s Hispanic-Swiss was kept, and the main floor’s kitchen and the service rooms. On the right is the courtyard, which awakens reminiscences of the palaces on Carrer Montcada, with the stairway that leads to the owner’s bedroom, covered by a spectacular stained glass skylight. Situated between the impressive corbels that support the main-floor landing, featuring animal chocolatiers, is the door that opens onto the neighbour’s staircase.

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