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The model standard is a guided visit, in reduced groups (maximum 12 people), following a predetermined route with pre-established start time and schedule. The duration is just under one hour.

Shortly (when it has been fully developed) visitors will receive a tablet which will provide them with
  • indications about the visiting procedure
  • museographic explanations (audio with a selection of languages and adult/child version
  • graphic material
  • complementary information

So as not to damage the flooring, it is necessary to wear a protective cover over your shoes and under no circumstances are high heeled shoes permitted

Backpacks, umbrellas or any other object that may damage the decoration or furniture in the house are not permitted. There is a cloakroom service, but this is only available for the duration of the visit.

The use of walking sticks or crutches is not permitted; people who require these aids will be provided with a wheelchair for the duration of the visit.

Photographs are permitted, but without the use of flash, tripods, or selfie sticks and only for personal use, not commercial. Under no circumstances should a visitor separate from their group.

Tickets can be bought in advance on the internet and also at the front desk in the lobby (according to availability).

Personalised visits can also be requested for a maximum of twelve people per group. The languages available are Catalan, Spanish, English and French (gro.r1544847371ellta1544847371ma@sp1544847371urg1544847371).

On the ground floor of the building, in the area where the main floor kitchen is preserved, where the service were housed and where the owner’s garage was situated, a cafeteria has been installed where you can sample hot chocolate, elaborated according to historical recipes. There is also a shop with publications, photographs, postcards and memorabilia related to Casa Amatller, as well as chocolate products.

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On-line ticket sales


Neither exchanges nor refunds are accepted. For help and guidance, contact:
phone. +34 - 934 617 460 or gro.r1544847371ellta1544847371ma@as1544847371ac1544847371

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