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L'Institut Amatller d'Art Hispànic (Amatller Institute of Hispanic Art) is a research and documentation centre of the History of Art, with both a library and a specialized photographic library which is available to researchers and scholars. The library is made up of more than 30,000 titles and the photographic library holds positive copies of more than 360,000 negatives from the archives themselves and others from other sources (amongst them the Mas Archive and the Gudiol Archive) and a bank of some 90,000 digital images.
At the moment, the digital conversion of all the information gathered in the institution is being carried out: firstly the digitalisation of the archive of negatives and, secondly, the construction of a modular integrated database, with specific interfaces for the different recordable units (immovable and moveable property, people, documents, bibliography, digital images, photos...), as well as several additional data tables, and an iconographic indexing system.

Josep Gudiol

Josep Gudiol

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