Centre for knowledge and research of Hispanic Art.

Created in 1943 by Teresa Amatller Cros, the Institut Amatller d’Art Hispànic is located on the second and third floors of Casa Amatller.

This entity constitutes a very important centre for research and documentation of the history of Spanish art, being one of the most important Institutes in Spain and Europe. This is endorsed by being a member of the RIHA, an entity that brings together the most prestigious Art History Research Institutes in the world.

The Institut Amatller d’Art Hispànic makes a library available to the public with more than 30,000 titles and a photographic library with more than 360,000 photographic copies on paper from its own archives and from other sources (Mas Archive and Gudiol Archive) and with a bank of 90,000 digital images.

Its main mission is the propulsion of research into the history of art, a task it carries out through the library and the photo library, as well as through publications and academic studies of various kinds.

At present, vast work is being carried out on the digital conversion of the documentation held by the institution, which is based on two main aspects:

  • Digitization of negatives from the archive
  • Construction of a complete integrated modular database prepared to carry out different types of searches.