1875 – 1960Home of the Amatller Family

The original house had been built in 1875 according to the outlines of the ornamental sobriety required by the Cerdà Plan.

Between 1898 and 1900 the architect Puig i Cadafalch carried out a complete transformation that can be seen above all in the façade, the main floor and the ground floor, which became the entrance.

The decoration with different architectural and artistic resources and asymmetries fit into the architecture of Catalan modernism. Until 1910, when Antoni Amatller lived, there were no changes in the house.

When Teresa Amatller lived alone in the house (1910-1960), she adapted it to the new needs, thus carrying out the following interventions:

  • 1920.- Living room and guest room: Teresa decided to dismantle the neo-Arabic arches that divided the room and built a false ceiling under the original modernist ceiling.
  • 1934-35.- Renovation of Teresa Amatller’s room and dressing room: Josep M. Gudiol designed a new dressing room for Teresa Amatller in Art Deco style, with new furniture and on all walls. He placed a false ceiling under the one which Puig i Cadafalch had created. Gudiol also adapted her room by redesigning the modernist furniture and adapting it to the new times.
  • 1939.- Music Room: The frescoes with the phrases of the Catalan anthem and another traditional song are covered up, probably for fear of reprisals before the beginning of the Franco dictatorship.

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