2010 - 2017Rehabilitation of the Casa Museu

The intervention took place in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: Adaptation of an apartment on the second floor as the new headquarters of the library and photo library, for the Institut Amatller d’Art Hispánic
  • 2011-2015.- Works in the whole building: renovation of the water, gas, electricity and machinery systems of the lift; restoration of the neighbours’ staircase and the main staircase, including the skylight; complete restoration of the building’s vestibule.
  • 2014-2014.- Restoration of the main building:
    • All the architectural elements are restored and replaced throughout the apartment: flooring (mosaics, parquet, marble), walls (painting, sgraffito, fabrics), wainscoting (ceramics, marble, wood), ceilings. The decorative elements are also restored: sculptures, stained glass windows, paintings.
    • The authentic furniture is restored to its original place, restoring many of the pieces, a task that continues to this day.
    • We discover some original and unpublished elements that had been hidden during the period of Teresa Amatller, such as the verses in the Sala de la Música, which were too Catalan nationalist for the period of the Franco dictatorship
Restauración de la claraboya
Restauración de los techos
Restauración de las paredes