History of Chocolates Amatller

  • 1797.- First references to the artisan production of Chocolates Amatller in Born by the patriarch of the company, Gabriel Amatller
  • 1840s: Opening of the first Amatller chocolate factory with about 50 workers
  • 1878.- Antoni Amatller builds a new Amatller Chocolate factory: he manages to produce up to 11,000 kilos of chocolate a day
  • 1914.- Competition to decide a new poster for Chocolates Amatller. The participating posters are displayed in Barcelona.
  • 1924.- Inauguration of a new factory in Banyoles, which operated at the same time as the one in Barcelona.
  • 1972.- After Teresa Amatller’s death in 1960 with no offspring, the company Simón Coll acquires Chocolates Amatller.