An icon of advertising

Chocolates Amatller was founded as an authentic modern commercial brand under the management of Antoni Amatller. Always attentive to the sales innovations that were being introduced in Europe, Antoni Amatller selected the best artists to design the packaging of chocolates, posters, picture cards and other advertising elements.

Because of their imaginary power and beauty, the pieces of posters and packaging became an icon of the time, still attractive a century later and becoming objects of desire for collectors in the world of advertising.

Within the graphic pieces, we should pay special attention to the following elements:

Advertising posters

Antoni Amatller knew about the visual impact of advertising posters due to his travels around Europe and claimed it for his chocolate business. He hired the best artists of the time on the continent, such as the foreigners Alphonse Mucha or Paul Chocame-Moreau or local artists Rafael de Penagos or Josep Triadó.

In order to complete the importance that the aesthetic received in the posters of the Amatller Chocolates, the company carried out poster competitions. The pieces of the artists participating in the competition were exhibited publicly in Barcelona.

Collection of picture cards

Another of the ideas brought by Antoni Amatller from abroad was to turn the consumption of his chocolate into an experience that went beyond taste. In order to do this, he included picture cards in his chocolate packages so that children would have another incentive to consume his product. Several cards had to be put together to get a complete image, so customers became collectors of these cards.

Like other advertising products, the designs of the picture cards were in charge of great artists, of special mention Apel·les Mestres.

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