Patronage and donations

The rehabilitation of the Modernist heritage is everyone’s work

The Fundació Institut Amatller d’Art Hispànic destines part of his own income to the rehabilitation and restoration of the heritage of the house and its artistic and documentary collections.

Maintaining the heritage of a modernist house is an expensive task in every way, as they are unique elements made with some exclusive materials.

In order to enjoy the beauty of Casa Amatller for another century, we need your help. We want you, as a citizen, as an institution or as a company, also be part of the history of the Casa Amatller, which will become a patron of the Catalan modernism of 1900 in this 21st century.

We periodically open patronage campaigns for the restoration of some furniture or a work of art in the collection, so that everyone can see that their contributions go directly to the recovery of one of the objects that are part of the heritage of Casa Amatller .

If you also want to participate with your individual donation or as a representative of a company, contact us. You will see how easy it is to be a protagonist in the recovery of Catalan modernism!